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Copying Services in Lewisville, TX

SEND MY PARCELS meets your copy needs

It’s true. Business owners and residents of Lewisville, TX know that we strive to serve their copy-needs with state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to help with anything related to making copies and print services.

Unlike other copy shops, we have the necessary machinery to meet your immediate needs (much like a fast-food restaurant), AND we actually help you navigate to the advanced equipment, which is all within a couple miles of our store, depending on what your need is.

You don’t have to worry if you’re not “technically savvy,” we treat this like the historical story of Macy's & Gimball's, where we professionally help you go to the correct place to get the correct product that YOU NEED.  It might mean staying in our store, it may mean literally walking across the parking lot, or it may mean a short, mile-or-two drive down the block.  What ever the case, YOU & your copier needs are served correctly.

We also understand how valuable your time is, so we’ll make sure you get your copies fast and at the most competitive prices in town.

Our Two State-of-the-Art In-Store Copy Machines Include:


•  Single & Two-Sided, 8½" X 11" Copies - in Black & White

•  FAX'ing of Single & Two-Sided, 8½" X 11" Copies - in Black & White

•  Copying to-&-from USB Thimb Drives, Single & Two-Sided, 8½" X 11" Copies - in Black & White

•  Copying to-&-from Internet eMail funcions (usually as a .pdf file), Single & Two-Sided, 8½" X 11" Copies - in Black & White


To keep our general store pricing as low as possible (avoiding huge hyper-expensive machinery), and to save on the wear & tear of our in-store machinery, we typically will do up to 50-pages as a benchmark, and when it goes over, we will engage and sub-contract with one of the establishments nearby, for any type of higher volume.  This "50-page-benchmark" is a quantity established by years of working with our customer's needs, and we will work with a customer every step of the way, to be sure they receive the print order the way they WANT it.

Items We Subcontract Out Include:

In today's Internet-savvy world, with customers going to Amazon and VistaPrint, as examples, we do not attempt to compete with those businesses, where quality and guarantees do not match what we produce locally.  There are lots of other print services we can help with, locally, some we do, some we subcontract out, and here are examples, especailly when they go beyond 100, 500, 5,000, 10,000 and more.


•  Black & White Copies AND Color Copies (even photographic) - HIGH Quantity/ Volume

•  Full Range of Paper Selections (texture, smooth, weights, etc.)

•  Collating, Binding, Folding, Stapling, Cutting

•  Full Range of Ink Choices

•  ALL Types of Banners, Posters, etc.

•  Books, Booklets, etc.

•  Novelty ITems, (ball caps. T-shirts, pens, gimick items, trophies, awards, etc.)

•  Supporting handouts for a PowerPoint Presentation


Whether you need a single-page copy, 500 presentation sets, a trophy or a banner, SEND MY PARCELS is the place to go for all of your print & presentation needs in Lewisville, TX.

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