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Here at SEND MY PARCELS, Inc's. base of operations, we handle many differing product lines, as you see by the banner headline on the front page of this web site, from...

• our core of packing, shipping & handling with all major, plus local carriers and freight suppliers, and it includes LONE STAR OVERNIGHT, a type of a courier service based here in Texas.




In November 1990, Jack Long and Gary Gunter began forming Lone Star Overnight in Austin, Texas.  With 28 employees and seven packages, Lone Star Overnight began operations on March 4, 1991. The team experienced success and they broke even within two years.

In 2002, this regional shipping company expanded outside of Texas for the first time. They opened offices in Oklahoma City, Lawton, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The shipping company took on its present-day image on May 15, 2013. Lone Star Overnight officially became LSO and introduced a new logo and tagline, “It’s all in the delivery.”  In the same year, LSO announced a partnership with Postmaster, an Austin-based startup that aims to simplify shipping and tracking.

LSO expanded further in 2015 when they acquired Express Courier International, expanding their reach to 7 states across the southeast and southwest.  With the acquisition, they officially expanded into Louisiana in May 2015.

In 2016, LSO formally announced their official expansion into major markets in Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas.  They were able to do so with their acquisition of Express Courier International, which became known as LSO Final Mile.




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