Our Little Gift Shoppe

Our Little Gift Shoppe in Lewisville, TX

Our Local Products  -  You Won't Find It On The Internet!!! 


Up until the late 1990's, the only reasons someone bought something through the Internet was for books, music albums and eBay auction items.

WOW!!! Has that changed.

Anyone in retail sales has had to totally change their business model, over the last 15 t0 20 years.  Whether it's what you offer, how and when it's delivered, what channel you use for delivery, how inexpensive you can sell for in order to compete, and so forth.  These are all items that every one has had to tackle.


Our approach has been to slash our prices on what we already had, as much as possible (like our mailbox rentals, which we took down $5 per box size per month), then look at WHAT we offered, and either make it better, find something new, and have only local stuff, or that CAN'T be found for sale on the Internet.  Come to our store, but IN our store.


We now carry all sorts of items that you would typically see in a little gift shop.


Well here we have it so far, and there's much more to come.  So please visit our Little Gift Shoppe, to see our constantly rotating selection of gift shop items, from candies, sealed foods like Texas honeys and jerkeys, to toys, games and holistic health oriented gifts.  If you'd like to see us carry something, speak up, we love feedback from customers, in person or on social media.

All along we have carried...

... we serve our customer base with items that are not found on the Intrnet and only found locally.  Plus, many of our customers who are shipping their own items, are looking for one last item to include as a gift, in that box, so we have unique cards and gift items to help them.

Here, in the Terrific Fibers line, we have a longtime favorite, the Coffee Collars.  Whether it's tea, hot cocoa, coffee, soup, whatever, that you carry in your favorite cup, you pack along your Terrific Fibers Collar, and keep your finget tips from being burnt. 

A real staple in the Terrific Fibers line, has been The Fingerless Mitt.  Right across our parking lot is a huge office of the Lewisville Independent School District, and you can imagine how many of them have really cold hands in certain seasons.  Our IT -guy has circulation problems, and thes ereally help people with that as a problem.


A year-round favorite is the Terrific Fibers plush line of Hot Pads sometimes, they are even see in locally popular school colors.

...and before we move on, it's good to notice tha among the many seasonal items that the Terrific Fibers line offers us, is the every popular  Ski Cap  sometimes.


Another gift shop item that is popular, and shown elsewhere on this web site, is Blanca's Essentials.  We are o glad to be offering BLanca Saenz' line of privately blended essential oils.  She takes great care in blanding and botteling these for us.


Essential Oils and Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffuser and Jewelry With Diffuser Lava Stones



Another favorite with our customers has been honey.

We have been in search of a GREAT local Texas  supplier, and we have found it.  Haling from the Anna Texas area, we are proud to be offering this.  Check out those honey sticks.


Stop by and get it while you can.  It runs out quickly, and we keep restocking.  There is no season for good local honey, because people love it all year round.   We are trying to stock as much as possible, but it does run ou the door.  PLUS, they have some really great whipped blends.

We can also get it in large sizes, so we will be stocking that as well, soon.



The point is that SEND MY PARCELS has a reputation for having great specialized gift shoppe items, some humorous, some tasty, some artsy, but all of the best you can find in Lewisville, TX.



We have great music playing, intriguing video pictures rotating all of the time, we have funny, odd greeting cards that you can’t find at the boring local grocery store or pharmacy.  It makes sense that we have expanded our line of GIFT SHOPPE items, which aren't found on the Internet, so our customers come here to find a GIFT SHOPPE that stands out with one word, UNIQUE - they will make your friends and family feel extra-special because they’ll know you made the extra effort to give them something special.  In the giving, you'll find some items you can't do without for yourself and your family.

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