T-Shirts in Lewisville, TX



We Carry T-Shirts That Really Make You Giggle!!!


We already carry greeting cards of all occassions, that make everyone laugh, who takes the time to read them.

WHY not T-Shirts too?


We carry all sorts of humor.  The list of types goes on and on, but the point is that SEND MY PARCELS has a reputation for having some of the best greeting cards, and now T-Shirts too, in Lewisville, TX.

You might think our goal is oddly measured.


MOST of our customers zoom through with some sort of packing, shipping and receiving problem, which we dispatch with rather quickly, and off they go.


We're a rather relational lot, and we like to see, and talk with the people we are serving.


So we decided to use our greeting cards and T-Shirts as a way to slow down the rapid-exiting of our customers.


How do we do that?


We offer genuinely clean and funny sayings in the T-Shirts, just like the reputation we developed in our greeting cards.


Almost all of the T-Shirts are in the X-Large size, because that fits most of the general public.


HOWEVER, your tastes can be quite different, and with a little wait, we CAN order your desired size and color, from our catalog of over 1,500 wonderful and humerour sayings.


PLEASE STOP BY, read a little, laugh a lot, and slowly leave with the biggest grin on your face, and a laugh in your brain.


We will then know we accomplished out goal and job, to make your day a happy one, which you'll take along and spread to more and more people.

Have A Question About Our Subtle T-Shirts?

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